North Carolina Quit Claim Deed Form

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The North Carolina quit claim deed is a legal form used to convey real estate in North Carolina from one person to another. A quit claim, unlike a warranty deed, does not come with a guarantee from the seller, or grantor, as to whether the grantor has clear title to the property or has the authority to sell the property. You will therefore want to be careful about using this type of deed for limited situations and you will be advised to have a property search completed to determine what you are purchasing in the property.

Laws – 

Recording – This form must be submitted, after completion and signature, to the in the county where the real estate is located.

Signing () – All quit claim deeds are required to be signed with the Grantor(s) being witnessed by a Notary Public.

How to Write

Step 1 – To obtain a copy of this template form, locate the buttons on the right hand side of this page. They are labeled to note the format the available file is in. Three file formats are available for the North Carolina Quit Claim Deed download: PDF, ODT, and Word. Select the button with the file type you wish to work with then save it to a folder on your computer.

Step 2 – Once you open the file, find the heading “Prepared By.” This will be at the top of the first page. The person who is filling in the required information must report his or her Full Name next to the word “Name.” Then, next to the word “Address,” the Preparer will also need to submit his or her Address on the space next to the word “Address.” Finally, the Preparer must record his or her State next to the word “State” and Zip Code next to the word “Zip Code.”

Step 3 – The space bearing the heading “After Recording Return To” requires a Mailing Address. Supply the Name of the Mail Recipient after the word “Name.” After the word “Address,” report the Address where materials from this filing are to be sent. Next, declare the State and Zip Code in this Mailing Address on the blank lines after the words “State” and “Zip Code” accordingly.

Step 4 – Declare the County where the Property is located on the space adjacent to the phrase “County Of.”

Step 5 – Find the blank space after the words “sum of” then, report the Total Amount of Money to be paid to the Grantor of the Property in focus written out in words. The empty line in the parentheses requires this Dollar Amount entered numerically.

Step 6 – Find the words “in hand paid to” after the parenthesis. The empty line after this phrase must have the Grantor’s Name documented. This is the individual who will receive the previously reported payment. Make sure to also write the word “Grantor” to assign this entity that role on the next empty line.

Step 7 – Find the empty line after the words “residing at.” Indicate the Residential Address of the Grantor on this empty line.

Step 8 – Find the words “County of.” Enter the County where the Grantor Address reported is found on the empty line following these words.

Step 9 – Find the words “City of.” Enter the City where the Grantor Address reported is found on the empty line following these words.

Step 10 – Find the words “State of.” Enter the State where the Grantor Address reported is found on the empty line following these words.

Step 11 – This paragraph’s next focus will be on the Grantee or the individual submitting the payment for the transference of Property to occur. The Grantee’s Full Name must be declared on the empty line just after the words “does hereby quitclaim to” as well as a formal declaration of the role. Declare this individual’s role by writing the word “Grantee” on the next empty line.

Step 12 – After declaring the Grantee’s Identity, report this entity’s Residential Address on the empty line after the words “residing at.”

Step 13 – Find the words “County of” immediately after the Address you just entered. Report the County, where the Grantee Address is found, on the empty line following this empty line.

Step 14 – Find the empty line after the words “City of.” Report the City, where the Grantee Address is found, on this empty line.

Step 15 – Find the empty lines after the words “State of.” Report the State, where the Grantee Address, is found on this empty line.

Step 16 – Find the words “County of” preceding the last empty space of this paragraph. Report the County where the Property being conveyed is found on this empty line.

Step 17 – The series of empty lines following this paragraph requires a Legal Description of the Property being conveyed. This should include the Address of the Property.

Step 18 – The next area will require the Grantor Signature. All Grantors concerned must be Named on the form and must Sign this document. The Grantor Signature must be notarized for this document to be recognized by the North Carolina Registry of Deeds receiving it. Two columns are provided so that two Grantors may sign this document however you may add more as required. The Grantor will have an empty line to Sign his or her Name (“Grantor’s Signature”), an empty line to Print or Type the Full Name (“Grantor’s Name”), and two empty lines (“Address” and “City, State & Zip”) to submit the Grantor Address of the Signing Party.

Step 19 – Contact the North Carolina Registry of Deeds local to the Property being conveyed. This is necessary since each county will have its own process in submitting this paperwork and its own set Filing Fees. Make sure to submit the North Carolina Quit Claim Deed to the North Carolina Registry of Deeds for the County the Property is in.

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