Nevada Quit Claim Deed Form

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The Nevada quit claim deed is a legal form whereby a person, entity, or trust can transfer real property. This form is different from a warranty deed because it does not come with a warranty. That means that the seller is merely transferring his or her rights in the property to another – those rights could range from full right and title to no rights. Often this type of form is used in close situations, such as between related entities or family members.

Cover SheetRequired to be placed on top of the deed when filing.

Declaration of ValueRequired to be completed in order to secure the price of the property and have the deed processed by the County it is located.

Laws – 

Recording – This form is to be filed with the County Recorder’s Office () in the jurisdiction of where the real estate is located.

Signing () – A quit claim deed is required to be signed with a Notary Public present.

How to Write

Step 1 – The Nevada Quit Claim Deed may be downloaded easily by selecting one of the buttons on the right hand side of the screen. The “PDF” button will deliver a PDF version while the ODT button will deliver an Open Document Type version and the “Word” button will deliver a Microsoft Word version. All of these files are identical in content so whichever one you choose will contain the required language. Download the file type you wish to work with.

Step 2 – There will be two areas to fill in some preliminary information required for such a filing in the State of Nevada. First, the Preparer must self-report his or her Name on the blank space designated with the label “Name” in the “Prepared By” section. Then, report the Complete Address on the line next to the word “Address.” An additional line is provided should more room be required. Then, report the State in the Preparer’s Address and the Zip Code in Preparer’s Address using the spaces labeled as “State” and “Zip Code.”

Step 3 – In the subsequent section, “After Recording Return To,” you will need to input the Mailing Address the Nevada County Recorder should use to return the successfully filed material. There will be a designated area to enter the Full Name of the Mail Recipient as well as the Mailing Address to be used. Just below this, document the State and Zip Code used in the Mailing Address on the respectively designated blank spaces.

Step 4 – Look for the title “Nevada Quit Claim Deed.” Below this on the first available blank space, make sure to write or enter the County where the Property being discussed is found.

Step 5 – The first blank space following the expression “…consideration of the sum of,” write the total Dollar Amount the Grantee must pay in order for the Grantor’s Claim on the Property to be conveyed or transferred to the Grantee. You must write this out in words. On the blank space bearing a dollar sign, write this Sum out numerically.

Step 6 – The space succeeding the expression “in hand paid to,” report the Name of the Grantor then, on the following blank space add the word “Grantor.”

Step 7 – This statement will continue with the wording “resided at.” On the blank space following this phrase define the Street Address of the Grantor. Then report the County, City, and State where this Street Address is found on the three subsequent blank spaces. Enter one item per space in this order.

Step 8 – The statement “…hereby conveys and quitclaims to” will precede two blank spaces. Here, fill in the Name of the Grantee then designate this role by writing “Grantee” on the next available space.

Step 9 – The next space on this line, preceded by the phrasing “residing at,” shall require the legal Street Address of the Grantee be entered. Next, in this Grantee section, locate the expression “County of” then enter the County where the Grantee Address is found. Similarly, on the space following “City of,” report this Address’ City. This will also need to be done for the State on the next available blank space.

Step 10 – The blank space preceding “Nevada to-wit” requires you to input the County where the Property is situated.

Step 11 – There will be a significant area devoted to providing three blank lines. The Legal Description, Address, and Parcel ID Number (if applicable) of the Property must be submitted in this area. It is imperative to fully describe the Property involved. You may attach another sheet of paper bearing this information if necessary.

Step 12 – The Grantors participating in this agreement will each need to Sign and print their Names at the end of this document. There will be a clearly designated space where this may be done. There will be two columns available for this, one for each Grantor. A Grantor must sign his or her Name on the blank line labeled “Grantor’s signature,” Print his or her Name below the Signature, then document his or her Address. The blank lines designated “Grantor’s Signature,” “Grantor’s Name,” “Address,” and “City, State & Zip” have been provided for this purpose. The Signature section may only be filled out by the Grantor and this must be done in the presence of a Notary Public.

Step 13 – The Notary Public witnessing this Signing is the only party who may utilize the last section of this document to fill in the information required within it. The Notary Public will fill in the County, name the Individuals present, and confirm the Grantor Signature Date. Additionally, the Notary Public will fill in his or her ID Number, supply his or her Commission Expiration Date, and stamp his or her Notary Seal.

Step 14 – The Nevada County Recorder, in the Property’s County, is the office you must address this filing to. Each County will have its own Statutes governing this process along with its own Fees. Contact the Nevada County Recorder’s Office, local to the Property, to obtain the submission Guidelines in that County for the Nevada Quit Claim Deed being submitted.

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